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"Relaxed Dentistry" Dental Hypnosis Training
Practical applications of hypnosis in Dentistry.

Instructor: Patrick Coleman

Quick Relaxation Techniques For Dentistry

Originator: Richard Coleman CHt.


   Hypnosis produces a profound state of relaxation. The very mention of hypnosis in dentistry brings to most peoples mind the complete removal of chemicals. Local anesthetics are far superior than they used to be and hypnosis as an adjunct makes them remarkable.  Rapidly create a more comfortable relaxed patient with hypnotherapy and psycho-anesthetics. Covering all aspects of hypnosis as used in Dentistry.

1 to 3 minute very easy hypnosis induction techniques make it practical for use in any case.

Work is done much faster with a relaxed patient so you gain time spending the 1 to 3 minutes.

Managing the prolonged trance.

Remove dental fear and white coat fear.

Desensitize the sound of the drill.

Greater control over pain. ( painless injections with hypno-anesthesia)

Remove psychosomatic distress, dental phobia and bruxism in minutes.

Create arm catalepsy so they may not reach for the tools and body catalepsy so they stay comfortable in the chair and don't jerk forward into the Dr.'s work.

Using hypnosis as an adjuct with modern chemicals is priceless and detrimental to moder dentistry. 

Control salivation.

Control hemorrhaging.  

There are many practical uses for hypnosis in the dental office besides pulling a tooth without chemicals and no pain. Self hypnosis can be amazingly important to a Dr. with a lot gong on. Focus and relax in times of need. 

You do not have to use the word hypnosis to hypnotize someone. You only need to now how to recognize trance and know what to do with it. 

A patient can be hypnotized in a fraction of a second with a hand shake induction and up to three minutes verbally. This makes hypnosis practical and indispensable if your performance and your patients comfort are to be maximized.

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Thank you for your interest in clinical hypnotherapy.  


 Words from the Author of QRT's for Dentistry