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 Relaxation Confidence : $15.00

This session works well to stop grinding teeth at night and to regain deep restful slumber. Works well for pain control. A powerful tool to activate your own profound state of relaxation and focus. listen to it before any important endeavor and perform at your best.


Weight Control:  $15.00

Average client reduces 2 to 4 pounds per week until reaching personal goal. Become lovable to yourself and regain your attractive appearance in the subconscious. Changing your eating behavior effortlessly In turn, Changing your appearance.


Non-Smoker:  $15.00

This CD seems to work even on accident. So please make sure everyone in the room really wants to quit smoking.



Quick Relaxation Techniques For Dentistry Instructional Manual. 

By: Richard Coleman CHt.  1989

Easy step by step techniques to create a more comfortable relaxed patient. Rapid Conversational Induction 1 to 3 minute techniques. Managing the prolonged trance. Fear Removal and Pain Control Word for word rapid passive inductions for the dentist or medical professional. You do not have to use the word hypnosis to hypnotize. A patient can be hypnotized in thirty seconds to two minutes, this renders its usage practical and indispensable if your performance and your patients' comfort are to be maximized.


Instructor Patrick Coleman Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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 Words from the Author of QRT's for Dentistry

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