Coleman's Hypnotherapy Clinic
740 Signal Ridge Drive. Edmond Ok.73013
Private Sessions With
Patrick Coleman C.C.H.

Hypnotherapy sessions are one to three hours.

  • You are taught how and why hypnosis works.
  • You spend time in therapeutic hypnosis achieving results.
  • You are taught self hypnosis for future personal use.

Please give me feedback on your results. Knowing hypnosis works so well for everyone, you may surprise yourself with what your mind can do and I love to hear the stories.

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Oklahoma's foremost authority on Clinical Hypnotherapy

Patrick Coleman Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Specializing in behavior modification.


Better Sports Mindset and Performance

Self-Hypnosis Training

Remove phobias, fears, grief,  jealousy & trauma

Realize  Relaxation & Confidence

Experience Deep Restful Sleep

Increase  Memory Retention & Focus

Stop smoking / Reduce weight

Increase Sales Work Performance with Success Mindset

Remove emotional connections that hold no value
Comfortable Childbirth with Hypnosis

Create mindset for comfortable surgery

Create mindset for rapid healing in surgery and emergency situations.

Regain personal self worth with life's changes

Relaxed Dentistry 


Coleman's Hypnotherapy Clinic

Patrick Coleman, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist