Coleman's Hypnotherapy Clinic
925 W I-35 Frontage Rd. Suite 148 Edmond Ok. 73034
Emergency Hypnosis

Instructor:  Patrick Coleman, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

     Using spontaneous hypnosis to communicate with the sick and injured to control pain and enhance recovery. 

    Why is it that conversation at the scene of a medical emergency can have such a critical effect on the patient? It is because frightened or seriously injured persons spontaneously enter into a hypnotic state of consciousness that makes them acutely responsive to certain kinds of direct or indirect suggestions.  Learn to help your patients control their own autonomic nervous system responses including:  Bleeding - Immune Response - Burn Injury Reaction - Inflammation - Respiratory Functions - Heart Rate - Pain Response and  Blood Pressure.    

The Main purpose for taking this training is to learn effective quick methods to build rapport and create a relaxed comfortable patient/client that you can work with. 

     A brief history of Hypnotherapy will be presented

     learn why and how it works. The scentific basics and no nonsence. 

     How to approach offering hypnosis as an adjunct to current treatment.

     Learn and perform practical hypnotic inductions appropriate for the medical setting.

     learn to recognize and manage a trance.

     Use suggestibility tests and awakening techniques and as an added benefit, you will learn self-hypnosis. The key to success is the ability to focus on the task at hand. Hypnosis produces a profound state of focus and is imperative to ones success.

      Learning how to hypnotize brings one eminence among their peers. 

Who should attend:  Police, fire and emergency response teams. Mental and medical health care professionals.

Date: At your convenience. 

Location: Reflections Dental Care in Okc or I will travel within reason.  

Class hours:A one day eight our course, a two day course and a five day course are being offered at this time.


For more information and registration call 405-749-4680