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Hypnosis for Golf Focus.
Private sessions and group seminars.



 Hypnosis is a profound state of relaxation and focus. The relaxed state of mind. The zone. It has many names. I can show you how to activate it. Use it to better any human endeavor. A side benefit of hypnosis is you play your best golf.   
 How Much of your game is mental?

Most tell me 80% to 90%

What are you doing to advance your mental side of golf?

You always hear the champion say "I was in the zone"

Let me introduce you to "the ZONE at will"

Allot two hours for your Golf Mindset hypnosis session.

Learn self-hypnosis and how to enter the zone at will.



 Golf Mindset Training Session
Self - Hypnosis Training.

Play your best golf.


 Coleman's Hypnotherapy Clinic

Sports Mindset Training