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Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Oklahoma City.
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Pain control training using hypnosis.

 20 hour hypnotherapy workshop and 20 hours homework. 

Professional hypnotism training in Medical, Dental and all people helping professions. 

Patrick Coleman Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - Oklahoma City, Ok

   Learn rapid five step verbal induction to eye catalepsy, the five physical signs of hypnosis, deepening and managing the clinical trance. Hand shake eye gaze induction for the medical office and clinical therapy setting getting people out of pain on the fly. Self hypnosis for personal pain control and the ability to focus on the task at hand. 

   For the Doctor, learning hypnosis and psycho-anesthetics opens the door to a wide range of possibilities in adjunct with modern medicine. For the Therapist, hypnosis at it's most powerful allows you to re-educate, alter and amend old ideas creating instant change in a client. For the individual, hypnosis lets us deem the ultimate practical knowledge we may possess for communication in public, business, sales and every other human endeavor. For the natural healer, trance is the hypothesis of all great healers, in particular, somnambulism.

   This workshop will bring you eminence among your peers and the confidence to go ahead and hypnotize them if they need to, want to and it's in their best interest to do so. Fast! Gain knowledge and techniques useful for everyone from the beginner to the adept.

Registration: $2500 

Call 405-749-4680 to register.

Learn how to hypnotize. 



Course #101 

  40 hour Masters Class

Hypnotism training for the professional. 

Weekly Classes or Accelerated Programs

                Course #101 is a comprehensive didactic and experiential program, structured for workers in the "People Helping" professions. This is the course that Gil Boyne created for the practicing hypnotherapist and taught for the last ten years of his life. Putting fifty years of practice into fifty hours of intstruction was something I had to see for myself so I attended one of the last classes he taught in America in 2006 Dallas Texas. I have modified this class into a one on one training course for five days at my office using live sessions instead of videos.

Includes the 98 page instruction manual used in the original class: By far the most important book ever put together to learn direct clinical hypnotherapy in the most uncontaminated format.  

    Who should attend: Doctors, psychologists, hypnotherapists, clinical social workers, registered nurses, marriage, family and child counselors. This course is especially valuable for all students preparing for a career in the " People Helping" professions.

  Please call me for an interview and application for internship.

Registration $2500 






Introduction  to Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Ancient to now history of hypnosis and it's many names.

Nature of Hypnosis.

Understanding Rules of the Mind.

How to reach and arouse your subconscious mind.

Self-Hypnosis and other mind expanding techniques.

Hypnotic induction - Rapid, passive, verbal, interrupt, hand shake and more.

Relaxation/Confidence hypnosis sessions for the student.

Hypnosis and Accelerated Learning.

Analytical Hypnotherapy. Recognizing the Trance.

Focus on Dave Elman, Milton Erickson & Gil Boyne Modern Hypnotherapy methods and techniques.

Hypnosis Mind/Body Connection.

Suggestibility Testing.

Deepening the Trance.

Programming the Subconscious.

Post-Hypnotic Re-induction.

Group Hypnosis.

The myth of dangers of hypnosis.

Dealing with abreaction.

Sports Mindset Training.

Success Mindset Training.

Transforming Therapy Tm. Gil Boyne.

Age regression.

Advanced pain control (hypnoanesthetics).

Medical Hypnotherapy, creating somnambulism.

 Special courses offered.


    Instruction of Quick Relaxation Techniques for Dentistry. TM by Richard Coleman

Relaxed Dentistry one week course in your Dental office with your most fearful patients.  


Emergency Hypnotherapy for the Paramedic, Surgeon, EMSA, Fireman, Police Officer and first response teams.  

HYPNOSIS FOR A JOYFUL PREGNANCY AND PAIN-FREE LABOR AND DELIVERY. Includes creating rapid self-hypnosis techniques for pain control, treating morning sickness, excessive weight gain, leg cramps and insomnia!

 27 years experience. COURSE SYLLABUS designed for your profession and direction of focus. Comments, Questions and Feedback on your course of interest

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Learn from one of the foremost authorities on clinical hypnotherapy



Gain confidence in your abilities to create trance quickly.  

 Patrick Coleman, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

 Hypnosis will greatly enhance your practice.

Who should attend: The Doctor , Chiropractor, Dentist, Surgeon, Dental Hygienist, Registered Nurse, Home Health Care Practitioner and like professionals.

Gain rapid Dr. Patient relations and immediate results in pain reduction.

Direct hypnotherapy taught with respect to our Medical Professionals.


Patrick Coleman

"Relaxation Expert"