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Hypnotherapy for Pain Control.
Self-hypnosis training for the Doctor and patient.


Two day course:  Pain Control With Hypnosis. 

Rapid inductions and psycho-anesthetics. 

Rules of the mind.

Registration is $750.

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From the author of "Quick Relaxation Techniques for Dentistry".Richard Coleman CCH

    The way in which each of us views himself and others is based upon a system of acquired beliefs and ideas which is anchored in his subconscious mind. Man's perception of himself and of the world is based upon this system, and he performs accordingly. So if he wishes to change the manner in which  he performs, he must change the way he perceives himself and the world around him. To effect this change, his belief system must be altered or amended. Fortunately hypnosis provides easy access to the storehouse for those beliefs, the subconscious mind.

    Hypnotism is a scientific, artistic process which allows us to reach the subconscious mind, the feeling mind. With this process our enjoyment of any aspect of the life experience may be heightened. Since hypnosis is a natural state of mind common to all people we should think of it as a priceless gift, which most of us have not completely unwrapped. If we were to open the box, read and follow the operating instructions, and use the gift regularly instead of returning it to the box, we could improve the quality of our lives immensely.

    By using hypnosis we could find pleasure in situations that we would normally view as unpleasant, many times simply as a result of the physical and mental relaxation that it provides. But at its most powerful, hypnosis could free us of experiences and our negative expectations of future experiences. It is man's ultimate tool for enhancing his every experience by providing more enjoyment and greater satisfaction from any of life's activities. By utilizing  his most powerful resource, his imagination, every man may know the joy of good health, the thrill of maximum performance and supreme enjoyment of any task, or any situation.

     Relaxation and comfort are sensations valued by all people. As evidence of this, Look at the millions of dollars spent every year for tranquilizers, muscle relaxers, pain killers, amphetamines, alcohol and drugs of all kinds in an effort to achieve a sense of health and well-being, and the best "drug"available belongs to us in a free and unlimited supply.


Instruction  by Patrick Coleman CCH.

See you soon.