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date Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 7:42 PM
Hello Patrick, The Certification Board has voted to award you the highest level certification-CERTIFIED CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST. This is not an honorary award but is based on your special education and experience.
Merry Christmas, Gil Boyne
Everything that is ever achieved begins with HOPE!


Norman Oklahoma Fire Department Chief of Training



I received a call last fall from Patrick Coleman who told me he could show me a technique that he could teach firemen to use when they were treating a person in pain and how we could help alleviate
that pain, so when he told me he was a hypnotherapist I was a little skeptical, but being interested in the subject and never before afforded the opportunity to  speak with someone who’s profession was that of a hypnotist I thought what the heck I can learn something and if his techniques really work it would be a great tool to help the citizens we serve. After three days, six classes, and 100 firemen I became quite educated and a believer. Firemen are skeptics by nature and not all accepted the instruction, but the majority left favorable comments about the class, and several including myself use the techniques for relaxation. I have not solicited responses yet from the guys to see if they have used the pain reduction techniques, but I have no doubt if used they will work.

Patrick thanks for the education and the new tools.

Best regards,                         Passive hypnosis induction for pain control.

                                                   Pinching arm hard with no report of pain.

Rick Bacon                                                       

Chief of Training

Norman Fire Department

Office: 292-7014

Cell: 501-1952             Rapid hypnosis induction training for pain control

Fax: 217-1071                                             


                                                                                                                             April 2, 2009              

Patrick ,
     As I was telling you today, thank you for enabling me to help so many of my friends and colleagues.  Almost everyone that I have talked with said they were not sure that they actually got into hypnosis, but...  The following are some of the comments that I received:
Not sure I was in hypnosis, but... I walked by the candy bowl and brownies all day and did not want them.  Although I feel hungry, nothing looks appetizing.  This lady is thinking about a session for her husband's ankle pain and for her son to put him in the "zone."
Not sure I was in hypnosis because when I went to lunch on Friday, I went directly to the Mac & Cheese, then saw some goopy broccoli and cauliflower so got some of it.  Walked right by the pie that I ALWAYS get.  Thought about why I didn't get pie and thought they didn't have the kind I like, but they had pecan which I ALWAYS get.  Didn't want it.  Took a bite of the Mac & Cheese and it tasted sour.  Thought that is odd.  Took a bite of the broccoli and cauliflower goopy stuff and it was GREAT!  Ate it all.  Took another bite of the Mac & Cheese--still tasted sour so did not finish it.  Finally decided it must have worked.  This is the lady that is thinking about having another session to help with nail biting.
Not sure I was in hypnosis, but... ate melons and vegetables all weekend.  Even the big beef eater even ordered a salad with chicken (never heard of this man eating anything but beef).
Not sure I was in hypnosis, but... This lady has fibromyalgia and had a rough recurrence of it a couple weeks before.  She had developed a knot under her shoulder blade and had mentioned that she needed to find a massage therapist to get the knot worked out.  She said she began with her hands in her lap and ended up with her arms hanging limp by her side.  She said that when Patrick walked by and touched her shoulder she could actually hear the knot pop and melt away.  Said that she had spent hundreds of dollars getting rid of that knot.  She is encouraging her parents to attend the June 9th arthritis seminar and thinks it will really help her.  She also said that when she gets full, she pushes the remainder of the food away.  Even her husband noticed and curious that the hypnosis worked.
One person said that even if it didn't work on weight or smoking, the money was well spent for the relaxation.  He said that he could not remember when he had been that relaxed. 
One lady that sat through the smoking cessation said that she was still smoking, but did not feel the urge to jump right up and have a cigarette like she used to.
Another lady that had tried hypnosis for smoking cessation with success said that Patrick was much better than the person she used.  She said that you could tell the other person was reading from a script, which made it less effective than she thought it should have been.
Also, we were talking today about hypnosis helping with post-war issues.  I was thinking about this on the way home and remembered that a person's roommate is currently deployed and had an episode (don't know what else to call it) and had to be sedated.  The person at the seminar said that he might recommend to his roommate that he make an appointment for a relaxation session.  However, since you told me about your blog to the news media, I will mention it to him and encourage him to make the appointment when his roommate returns.
Today makes 8 weeks since we had the session with you.  I have lost 13.6 pounds.  Last week, I was very hungry in a meeting and there were cookies setting in from of me for over 2 hours.  I didn't want them at all even though I thought I was starving.  I almost eliminated sweets, chocolate, candy, M&Ms (my biggest weakness), chips (another of my biggest weaknesses).  When normal eating times roll around, I ask myself if I am hungry.  If I am not, I don't eat.  Before, I always ate when I "thought" it was time to eat, then I would eat again when I was hungry. 
As I told you on the phone, I think everyone gets something different out of the hypnosis and they are getting what THEY need.  Everyone is hearing the same words, but their subconscious seems to determine what it requires and uses that information to make dramatic changes in the person's life.
Well, I have probably rambled on enough, but I wanted to give you some of the comments/feedback that I received.  If we can get another group that wants to have a session, I will certainly let you know.
Thanks again for all that you do!  Keep up the great work!



    Loanna Hudgins, Librarian of the Del City, OK. Elementary School.


         When I met Patrick Coleman, I was on a self-appointed, desperate mission to regain part of my memory.  What followed were two of the most incredible sessions I had ever experienced!  Some major problems were solved.

     On January 22, 2007, I walked out of my school library onto ice, and woke up back inside my library.  It was very upsetting to discover that I had fallen on ice, suffered a concussion, had been hauled into the library in an unconscious state, and had broken my right wrist in 4 places.  My husband arrived to see a crowd of fireman, ambulance workers and school personnel.

     My memory of one of the most eventful days of my life only involved disconnected bits and pieces. I became obsessed and frustrated with trying to remember. I spent hours getting information from people, books, articles and medical records.

     I found Patrick's office in the yellow pages. Before I could gather the courage to go, I talked to Patrick via telephone over a period of weeks. I knew very little about hypnotism and was terrified of it, but this seemed to be one of the only chances I had of getting my memory back, I finally decided to take Patrick's seminar on self hypnosis.

     After Patrick found out that I could not open my hand or rotate my right wrist, despite three surgery's, he fixed that.  Under hypnosis I was able to open my hand and turn my wrist with no pain.  I was amazed!!

     Patrick used a regression technique to "walk" me through the entire time of the accident, from just before the fall until the paramedics took me to the ambulance. I described the events in chronological order, including the time that I was unconscious.

     Afterwards, to say I was satisfied is an understatement. I was euphoric, with the burden and mental pain removed, my friends and family enjoyed seeing the change. 

     Without Patrick's help, I don't know when I would have recovered from the mental pain of not being able to remember. Not only did he solve a major problem, but, by teaching me self hypnosis, he also gave me a major key to deal with future problems, including dealing with physical pain.  Patrick gave me peace of mind, something which is priceless, and for which I shall ever be grateful.



July 6, 2007


     Wow, what a breath of fresh air. Patrick spent two hours with our clinical team and everyone felt better for a week!  We received a great new tool that every nursing team needs.  This information is a new feather in your professional cap, and my advice is to get it today and use it for the rest of your life.


Richard H. Kolb RN CRNI

Administrator Angelic family hospice





September 26, 2007

Kind Recipient,

     We were fortunate enough to have Patrick Coleman speak to us in a group session

a few days ago.  I cannot tell you how much we benefited from his lecture. In the

health care field relaxation is often the key to good pain control, and Patrick

empowered our team with new techniques that will assist us in giving optimal care to

our patients.  As a bonus, the staff themselves received the same benefits. 

  If you are fortunate enough to have Patrick speak to your group, take advantage

of the opportunity, we certainly benefited from the lecture.


 Thank You,

 Teresa Hall R.N.

Director of Clinical Services, Autumn-Bridge Hospice




June 16, 2008



     I really enjoyed the in-service / education you gave today.  It was a lot of fun.  The two successes were Tom and Patty - both who are in pain daily and were both pain free when they left the class.  I feel more relaxed today - total body than ever before.  I think you have a lot to offer.  I can't wait to tell family and friends and hopefully send several from our office to train.


Jennifer Cary  RN , DPS

Heartland Hospice, Norman Oklahoma


    Rapid Induction for pain control    


December 1st / 2010

I started this page for an example of results people see from using hypnotherapy. My schedule stays full a week out, seven days a week with three to four sessions a day. Seminars and visits to hospitals in between. If you want more recent testimonials, email me and I will be happy to supply, they come in letters, text, facebook and email every day.

Thank you all, God bless and have a great day.