Coleman's Hypnotherapy Clinic
925 W I-35 Frontage Rd. Suite 148 Edmond Ok. 73034
Kristen Porter
Clinical hypnotherapist


                                                                                             Kristen Porter

Some people may feel more comfortable working with a female hypnotherapist.

Coleman Hypnotherapy Clinic has added a new Hypnotherapist to It's Oklahoma city office located at:

2927N.W. 122ND ST suite 9

 Kristen Porter is based out of  Medicine Park Oklahoma and helps Patrick in and outside of the Oklahoma City area, focusing mainly on  Lawton, Medicine park, and surrounding towns in Southern Oklahoma.   Please feel free to call Kristen anytime for appointments in office, or at home! 



 To all my perspective clients, 

I am a firm believer in the power of self-healing. Hypnotherapy  falls into this category and has been a main staple in my life for years. I was a client first, and then once I realized the benefits Hypnotherapy had for those around me, I chose to study under Patrick Coleman for close to three years.  There has been no greater teacher or mentor than Patrick Coleman, whose care, respect and knowledge have guided me well and helped me to find the ability within myself to help myself and to help others.  Looking forward to meeting each and every one of you and sharing with you the empowering, life changing tools hypnotherapy will bring to you.

Much Love!

Kristen Porter