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Hypnosis training photos
Hypnosis training on rapid pain removal.




 The Statesman Club Independent Living

Helping our Seniors enjoy more mobility and comfort.

August 4th 2009

Relaxation/Pain Control Seminar at The Statesman Club.

Explaining origins of the word Hypnosis. Dr. James
Braid coined the word Hypnosis in 1841 after performing over 3000 surgeries with only mental anesthetics.
Sleep knowledge is what it means. Looks like a person is asleep and you get the knowledge to re-educate alter and amend any old idea, that creates a behavior change.

Going through self hypnosis (self relaxation) technique. Creating eye catalepsy and psycho-anesthetics.

I really enjoyed working with this group today and look forward to my monthly visits.

 Such a comfortable environment to relax.

Everyone but two reported complete comfort. I stayed and worked with the two separately and was able to Zero out all discomfort. One felt so good he's going ball room dancing tonight. I love people.

Abiding Home Health

July 29th 2009

In service on Pain Control and

Relaxation Techniques


Learning to have fun with Relaxation

The room was so full we could not have fit one more chair.  The nurses at Abiding Home Health

learned some new ways to remove discomfort from their hospice patients,


Midwest Home Health Services

June 15th, 2009


 Learning passive relaxation techniques creating arm catalepsy and psycho-anesthetics.

 A serious passion for Nursing and a great group versed in many adjuncts

for creating comfortable patients.

Removing severe neck pain to completely comfortable with verbal

communication and creative imagination. Did you know we can do that?

2904 Parklawn Dr, Midwest City, OK‎ - (405) 736-6925



Heartland Hospice of Norman, Oklahoma

Learning passive induction techniques

for pain removal our loved ones need so much.




Heartland Hospice staff are some of the most loving people.

The Chaplin kept me laughing, Thanks for the therapy.



Rapid relaxation


Yes, much more comfortable now and with lasting results after a one minute

relaxation practice.

Thank You Heartland Hospice for having me speak and demonstrate to your staff this

useful tool hypnosis/relaxation for pain removal.

Testimonials & Hypnosis Local News Articles


Norman Oklahoma, Fire Department

Learning rapid induction techniques

Creating hypnosis anesthetics for emergency situations.


 An introduction to emergency hypnosis as a useful tool.

Notice the posture, crossed arms and thinking man pose.

No pressure.

2008 recruits learning modern tools for pain removal.

Quick history. Origins of Hypnosis to now.

Proving you get what you picture

Rapid induction training.

Pinching to test for hypnosis anesthetics.

Wow,  we have time left for advanced induction training the Gil Boyne style.

 I walked him down nice and easy into a comfortable state of relaxation.

Of course he is in control and could get up if he wanted.

He is proving you can take an injured person into a comfortable relaxed state to the point a hard floor is a memory foam mattress

**No firemen were injured in this induction.**


        Delivering comfortable vivid Ideas with politeness, kindness, sympathy, empathy, compassion, understanding and acceptance is the key to creating the numbing effect.

 Hey 12345 eyelids open and explain to the class how that feels.

Thank you Chief of Training, Chief Rick Bacon. for having me back to teach your new firemen,

and for recognizing this useful tool bringing comfort to those in need.

I look forward to the next class.

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