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  Do you enjoy a visit to the dentist? Some folks find it mildly stressful while others are petrified. This last group of folks avoid going until the pain is so severe they have no choice.

In the last ten years you have probably heard advertisements for "sleep dentistry". It is an effective tool when appropriate but has some significant drawbacks. The most significant being that next time you have need for a dental visit you are right where you were before sleep. The fear is still there!   

If you really want to eliminate the fear that has plagued you all these years you're in luck. Now there is a quick, safe and nontoxic method of controlling or eliminating your fear from now on. At last you can be free of your fear and in control again.

At Coleman's Hypnotherapy Clinic we teach you to use rapid relaxation techniques for necessary dental care.

The reason this is so effective is that relaxation and anxiety can not co-exist. When you learn these relaxation techniques you will no longer be visited by fear. Dentistry will become an opportunity to come relax for a time. The result is that you have a healthy, attractive mouth for a healthier body and mind. Additionally we frequently find our clients with additional health issues such as weight control, stopping smoking, sleep disturbances and other chronic pain issues, gain control in these areas also.

Instructor: Patrick Coleman  405-749-4680


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