Coleman's Hypnotherapy Clinic
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Tribute to Richard Coleman CHt
The Quiet World Shaker, Richard Coleman






Originator and Instructor of "Relaxed Dentistry" TM.

Coleman's Q.R.T.'s (Quick Relaxation Techniques for Dentistry TM.)

       Richard Coleman started his formal training in the area of psychology but soon realized that from his perspective there were more effective ways to accomplish his goals of helping people shape their lives in positive ways. In 1968 he began his study of hypnosis at McCook Junior college in McCook, Nebraska. While enrolled there he became a nationally ranked college wrestler, leading to an Olympic tryout.  In 1977 he founded Americas Third State Institute and Coleman's Hypnotherapy Clinic. By extensive research he found the most advanced school with the most extensive training available in clinical hypnotherapy ,the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. In 1980 Richard graduated from the A.C.H.E. as a Certified Master Hypnotist. 1980 Certified Hypnotherapist, 1985 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

       Opening his first out of the home office in 1980 he chose Ft. Smith Arkansas with 80,000 people. This was a big move from a little town of 8000 people. McCook Nebraska.

       His office was located at 3900 Rogers Avenue Ft. Smith Ar. 72903, for over 10 years. He taught an accredited course on hypnosis at the West-ark Community College Ft. Smith Ar. for 7 of those years. During and since that time he aided thousands of individual's numerous psychosomatic  illnesses, habits, and behavior modifications. He has helped many sports figures in perfecting their sport performances. He has worked as a consultant with law enforcement agencies. Authored "Quick Relaxation Techniques for Dentistry". Copyright 1989, an instructional manual for rapid 30 second to one minute verbal inductions for the Dentist.

       A quiet world shaker practicing advanced principles of clinical hypnotherapy.  Trained with Gil Bone who presented Richard a unique mental, spiritual and artistic  plethora of hypnotic information in 1979-1980. One of the first A.C.H.E. Certification classes in Glendale California. Richard Coleman was one of the foremost authorities on clinical hypnotherapy as used in Dentistry and the private practice.

      Richard Coleman's style and approach seemed a combination of Gil Boyne, Dr. Kroger, Dave Elman, Milton Erickson and Dr. Henry Munro Hypnotherapy techniques.  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma long being recognized as the belt buckle of the Bible belt found it easy to accept Richard when he moved here in 1997 to join forces with the local dentists in bringing relaxation to the professional and the patient.

Dr. Curtis Cunningham of Quailbrook Dental Care Okc, Ok. recognized the benefits of Dental Hypnosis "Relaxed Dentistry" and said " I have to have this in my practice". Working side by side for 8 years Dr. Cunningham and Mr. Coleman have pioneered "Relaxed Dentistry" in the heart of America.

       As a full time Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 29 years with no other employment.  Richard Coleman practiced in Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas and finally settled in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Richard's school has long been one of the few  A.C.H.E. approved schools in the mid west United States.  He taught hypnotherapy to Dentists and Medical professionals for over 25 years.

        Richard Coleman was given only 2 years to live in 1994 by doctors in Lincoln Nebraska. He had a quarter of a liver left after the Vietnam War and they say he shouldn't have made it that long. They said death would come from the unbearable pain of the blood pushing through that small amount of liver. That quarter liver shut down on him about 10 times during the next 12 years. We would rush him in an ambulance to the local V.A. hospital in whatever state we were in at the time. The Doctors would do their jobs (a personal note from Patrick Coleman son of Richard Coleman: Thank You Doctors for all the times you helped extend my fathers life on this earth. We enjoyed him very much. You all do excellent work and your medical procedures are of miracle status these days.) The interesting thing was after they would patch him up and say your liver is shut down we are keeping you alive. Within a few days in his personal trance the quarter of liver would kick back on and the Doctor with a wonderful pleased smile would send him home. Saying "livers aren't supposed to be able to do that Richard but I guess your different"

         Richard Coleman went to the V.A. Hospital one last time in September of 2006. This time the Doctor said the kidneys have worked overtime, adjusting for the small bit of liver , they have also shut down.  His close family spent the last eleven months by his side. His last hypnotherapy session was a few days before his last hospital visit. He leaned to me before hypnotizing them and said "Now when their eyelids close down your going to have to hold me up, I'm getting weak" so I did and he presented one last incredible hypnotherapy session with a husband and wife at the same time to re-educate eating and living habits.

       Then the Doc's kept him alive until his wife and kids could be by his side at home. Teaching ICU nurses how to numb the guy in pain across the hall as they wheeled him out the ICU doors. Nurses crying big tears as if in love saying goodbye. After three of the funniest laughter filled days of Mr. Coleman's humor he laid down one last time. His oldest son Christopher Coleman held his hand and said "Dad your a warrior. You've put up an incredible fight. We are all here in the room Patrick, Miranda , mom , and even Eddies here. You can take as long as you like or take one more breath and let go." After a peaceful deep breath Richard Coleman sailed on to higher ground with that confident winning grin claiming first.