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Schedule a Hypnosis Success Mindset Seminar for your office today.
A very healthy and beneficial experience.

Mindset training with self-hypnosis for the professional.


Hypnosis is Fun, safe, non-toxic and legal.

 Any group, Any size.

Allot two hours for most group seminars.

    First hour includes a scientific, artistic explanation how and why hypnosis works with a quick history and origins of the word. 

What you are doing with the brain when you use hypnosis and the eight rules of the mind from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners 200 hour training course.

My personal Technique on how to enter the Zone (self-hypnosis) so you may focus on the task at hand. That particular Mindset when every thing happens right.

  Second hour the group will experience a hypnotherapy session for desired goals. 

Subjects covered:

Relaxation / Confidence / Motivation

Focus / Concentration / Recall - Memory retention

Pain control   /   Fear removal   /   Enhance mental abilities   /   Understand the power of intention.

Developing Verbal Skills /  Increasing Communication     

 Activating your creative imagination  /  Self - Image Programing

Success Mindset Attitudes   

Restful Slumber and Deep Relaxation

Non Smoking

Weight control - The mental side of Appetite

Gain Control of your life. Work and play better. Coleman's Healthy Living Hypnosis CD's available.

Call for registration fees and to set a date and time.



Winning the Mind Game

Using hypnosis to quickly and effectively influence the subconscious mind and promote lasting change in your work performance.

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Patrick Coleman Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist