Coleman's Hypnotherapy Clinic
925 W I-35 Frontage Rd. Suite 148 Edmond Ok. 73034
Sports Mindset  training with Hypnosis.
How much of your game is mental ?

I've shared this self-hypnosis technique with hundreds of people in almost every sport at every stage of their career with amazing results.

Let me show you how to enter the Zone at will. 

     "When a professional athlete visits me to better their sports performance or a student to remove test anxiety. I may not be able to tell them how to play their game or what the answers are on the test. Yet I have a unique direct approach and can certainly teach you how to get into the ZONE, so you do whatever the task at hand is to the best of your knowledge and skill." 

Improve your performance in one private session or team seminar. 

Tailored to your age group, sport  & desired goals.

Self-Hypnosis training for the coach and the athlete.