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Hypnotherapy for pain control live interview.


An interview on KFOR channel 4 News Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. With Linda Cavanaugh and Lance West.


Lance has great focus and rids himself of back pain.

Hypnotherapy for pain control 2008 live interview.

Pain control with hypnosis by phone

Rapid verbal hypnosis pain control.

Dr. John Butler demonstrating hypnoanesthesia

Patrick's Profile,(external link).

     Clinical Hypnotherapy for pain control and behavior modification. The word Hypnosis was popularized by Dr. James Braid in 1841. Hypnosis is main stream now for non-evasive pain control and natural behavior modification.

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Hypnosis News Articles



Gil Boyne 2009




Richard Coleman on the Burk Hully show 1981

This is a rare video of my father hypnotizing a news reporter in Arkansas.


Hypnotherapy Training and Private Sesstion.

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